About esra

Esra (1986, Istanbul) is a Multidisciplinary Designer working as a Sr. Art Director at Heimat, Berlin. 

After studying interior design, she decided to have an academic career and worked as a Professor Assistant, taught Basic Design at Marmara Fine Arts Faculty. After 2 years of working at faculty, she discovered that being an academician was not for her and wanted to focus on graphic design and illustration instead. She moved to Germany and started her career at Ogilvy & Mather Frankfurt, design department. After Frankfurt, she moved to Amsterdam and continued working for Ogilvy for two more years. She has won many international awards including Cannes Lions, One Show, Eurobest, Epica, LIA, ADC Germany. Esra is a member of ADC Germany and three times in a row she was selected to 200 Best Illustrators Worldwide from Lürzer's Archive Magazine.

Besides doing art direction for global brands, she loves to blend illustration and typography into artworks. Her art is based on everyday insights, problems and feelings. Sometimes also other people's insights, like Woody Allen's "Talent is luck. The important thing in life is courage.' She likes that.

Clients: Coca-Cola, KFC, Philips, ZMG, Rabobank, Ford, Mesut Oezil.



Cannes Lions (Media, Design) 2xGold, 2013
Cannes Lions (Direct, Promo, Design) 5xShortlist, 2013
OneShow (Interactive) 1xGold, 2014
OneShow (Interactive, Branded) 2xMerit, 2014                              One Show (Design) 1xMerit, 2014
London International Awards (Design, Outdoor) 1xGold 1xBronze, 2015
Eurobest (Outdoor) 1xSilver, 2015
ADC Germany (Outdoor, Design) 2xSilver, 2015
ADC Germany (Design and Promotion) 2xSilver, 2014
ADC Germany (Dialog Mobile) 1xBronze, 2014
ADC Germany (Design) 1xSilver, 2014
ADC Germany (Film) 1xSilver, 2014
ADC Germany (Print) 1xBronze, 2014
Clio Award (Direct) 1xSilver, 2014
Clio Award (Design, Engagement) 2xBronze, 2014
Clio Award (Direct) 1xShortlist
D&AD 1xInBook, 2014
POS Marketing Awards 2xGold, 2014
New Media Award (Dialog Mobile) 1xBronze, 2014
AME Award (Design) 1xBronze, 2014
AME Award (Direct, Mobile, Interactive) 3xShortlist, 2014
Eurobest (Design) 1xSilver, 2013
Eurobest (Mailing and Media) 2xBronze, 2013
London International Awards (Design and Direct) 2xSilver, 2013
London International Awards (BtoB) 2xBronze, 2013
EPICA (BtoB and Mobile) 2xSilver, 2013

Selected to 200 Best Illustrators Worldwide Lürzer's Archive 2015/2016
Selected to 200 Best Illustrators Worldwide Lürzer's Archive 2013/2014
Selected to 200 Best Illustrators Worldwide Lürzer's Archive 2011/2012
David Ogilvy Award, 2014



Character Design Group Show, Pictoplasma Festival, Urban Spree Berlin
Mediterranean Design Exhibition, Design HUB Barcelona
Women’s Day Poster Exhibition, KKM Istanbul