Share Logo / Packaging Design

Share is a social consumer brand with 1+1 Principle. It means, for every product sold, they distribute an equivalent product to a person in need.

We divided the logo into two parts: showing the 1+1 principle in a very simple way. The packaging design is also following this principle, by dividing the product into half. One for me, one for you.

Share was the biggest launch of a social food brand ever in the German market. Share sold more than 1 Mio. products in the first 4 weeks, an incredibly successful kick-off for a start-up. The media coverage and reach were striking (over 200 Mio. media impressions and over 14 Mio. EUR earned media). It was featured on prime time news shows and in several TV documentaries about sustainable production and consumption in food retail. Another goal was to put pressure on bigger companies to do more good and be more transparent which totally works already.

Cannes Lions 2018 (Design) x1 Shortlist