70x100 cm, 3D Print Sculptures, Plexiglas

“If ignorance is bliss, is it better to be stupid or smart?”
In a quest for happiness artist, designer, illustrator, and now also pharmacist, Esra Gülmen dives into the correlation between happiness and stupidity.

The Stupills Project is the result of a not too extensive research study (Do you feel depressed because you think you know too much? YES!) and the artist’s drive to find happiness in very odd design places.

Stupills might be the answer to moodiness, general depression, lack of energy, Weltschmerz, black thoughts, feelings of powerlessness and the urge to play sad and gloomy songs.

Always wanting to know and understand less?

Every stupill is designed to take you to places where there’s total stupidity.

Find happiness in the Twitterfeed of Kanye and Kim. Find eternal peace at a Trump rally.

Stupills® is an enlarged blister pack design including stupid characters in it. The artwork is especially designed for the All Stars Group Show of Pictoplasma Fes
tival in Berlin.

3D Modeling&Sculpting: Mete Kayarlar
Photography: Paul D. Scott